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Hudson Valley Community College Student Activities – Clubs and Organizations

Sisters' IncynchThe Sisters Incynch Club provides essential support for our diverse student population through a multicultural forum. Members design projects and programs that embrace diversity. The club arranges various social and cultural awareness activities, including educational trips and student-centered leadership programs sponsored by the Hudson Valley Student Senate. Our goals are to:

  • Promote and provide friendly, informative and supportive services for students;
  • Develop a systematic and integrated approach to student persistence in personal and professional success;
  • Increase awareness of student support services, policies and campus events;
  • Foster and promote student responsibility and involvement in his/her education;
  • Promote the integration of pluralism within the college community;
  • Develop and promote institutional programs and processes that embrace diversity;
  • Increase the recruitment, retention, success and transfer of students from under-represented groups.

Katrina’s Closet Service Learning and Civic Responsibility

tamu_katrinasclosetIn the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Sisters Incynch traveled to Louisiana to assist in recovery efforts. When club members visited and interviewed the principals, teachers and students in the 9th ward who were forced to relocate to under served schools, they were inspired to find ways to assist economically challenged students and disconnected populations seeking career success in our own community. “Katrina’s Closet” was born from that inspiration, as a way for club members to provide a resource for gently worn career and professional clothing for women and men.

The Katrina’s Closet project promotes service learning in many ways, primarily by enhancing motivation and improving retention of academic skills by tying specific learning goals to community needs. Service learning is embedded in the experience through individual and collective responsibility in the management and operation of the project. In addition to learning how to apply classroom learning to a real-world context, Katrina’s outreach efforts seek to address the needs of various disadvantaged populations at Hudson Valley, as well as some of the real-life needs in their own communities throughout the Capital Region. Sisters Inc. members also have participated in bringing relief to national and global disaster situations such as Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing Haiti Relief Project.

Katrina’s Closet provides a compelling reason to learn, and an unobtrusive way to teach the skills of civic participation and to develop an ethic of service and civic responsibility.

Dr. Chambers and students with sign

Katrina’s Closet — Sisters in Cynch sort holiday gifts for shelters.

Sorting Clothes Students sorting clothes Dr. Chambers and students sort clothes Students sort clothes at Katrina's Closet

For more information, contact Professor Tamu Chambers, Fitzgibbons Hall, Room 101, (518) 629-7431 or [email protected].

SISTERS’ Incynch Brochure & Newsletter

Hudson Valley Community College Student Activities – Clubs and Organizations – Brothers Incynch

The primary purpose of Brothers Incynch is to provide male students (female students are invited to join the club, as well) with essential tools to complete their degrees through mentoring, internships, inspirational speakers and work with community leaders. According to a literature review, many scholars have identified African American and Latino males as an “endangered species,” and the successful African American and Latino males as an anomaly. Brothers Incynch functions as a vehicle to stop the tide of despair among many of our disadvantaged male students. It is a gateway for promoting understanding and helping male students by creating a platform for individuals to find their voices and communicate. The organization promotes greater retention rates for males and opportunities of preparedness for continued higher education opportunities. The long-term results of programming are to enhance greater retention while engaging in academic pursuits. Futuristically, providing a platform for more voices is an essential component of greater economic, social, and political consequences for society.

For further information, contact the advisor, Tamu Chambers, FTZ. 101, (518) 629-7431 or [email protected].


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