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Tamu Chambers is a Professor in the History, Philosophy, and Social Science Department at Hudson Valley Community College. At Hudson Valley Community College, she teaches Cultural Diversity in American Society and other ethnic, history, and sociology courses. Since 1996, she has taught Diversity in the Workplace, Human Resource Management, and Principles of Marketing courses in the Finance and Marketing Department at Empire State College – Center of Distance Learning. She is a former co-founder and executive director of the Diversity Enrichment Institute at Russell Sage College.

Program designs are uniquely based on the needs of institutions of higher education,, public and private sector businesses, and community based organizations.  Professor Chambers’ focus is on designing training modules that are tailored to individual customer needs, rather than providing “off the shelf” products.  She is interested in getting her customers the results they need rather than expecting them to fit in with “out of the box†or “canned†training materials.   She continues to receive praiseworthy reviews for her dynamic diversity training programs. Professor Chambers’ diversity training consists of a combination of both intrinsic behaviors in the form of groups and extrinsic or institutional structures. The modules include both of these behaviors for greater effectiveness in positively influencing individual behavior and institutional practices. She uses a combination of old and new approaches, such as blended learning techniques, to bring a fresh and flexible approach to developing the capability of people in organizations, reflecting the complexity of valuing diversity in the modern workplace. Her years of teaching and training help her to recognize that the most important learning takes place in the real world, and she will work with your people to turn learning and development into a habit that continuously improves performance, rather than being an occasional break from the “day job.â€

  • 2014:   Anti-Dfamation League’s A World of Difference Institute Train-The-Trainer Program Certificate –   Classroom of Difference
  • 2012:   United University Professions (UUP) Certificate of Completion Collective Bargaining and the  Taylor Law — UUP Leadership Workshop
  • 2010 – 2009: Diversity and Educational Equity – State of New York Stem Conference
  • 2010 – 2009: Diversity at the Research Foundation Committee of State University of New York
  • 2009 – 2010: Hudson Valley Diversity Audit – appointed by the president
  • 2006 – 2007: National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) Train the Trainer
  • 1997 –  1994: Russell Sage College – The Center for Diversity Enrichment and Economics – assisted in teaching and training workshops – helped Center to establish relationships with inner city schools, and provided guidance to the Center on the implementation of its programs.
  • 1995 – 2007: Affirmative Action Advisory Member – Hudson Valley Community College appointed by college president
  • 1995 – 2001: Russell Sage College – Board member of former  Center for Women in Business
  • 1995 – 1996:New York State – National Affirmative Action Board
  • 1995 – 1997: Schenectady Community College – Member of Diversity Council, appointed by college president
  • 1994 – Institute for Life Coping Skills, Inc. Teachers College – Columbia University – Life Skills Educators  – Presented innovative installation methods and new applications for the Adkins Program
  • 1994 – 1993 New York State Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission and Institute for Nonviolence – Albany NY – Produced educational dramas for k-12 students

Professor Chambers is a master diversity trainer and program designer. She is recognized as an effective diversity consultant and content developer for public and private employers, both here and abroad, in institutions of higher education – including a residency at Oxford University in London, England, and numerous public and private corporations, and community based organizations. She has an extensive background in human resources and training. For more than 15 years, she has earned a local, national, and international reputation as an innovative and creative diversity program trainer and workshop facilitator. Professor Chambers has written chapters for the International Encyclopedia in Public Policy and Administration – “Models of Excellence in Work Force Diversity†and definition of “Cultural Bias†for the International Encyclopedia in Public Policy and Administration – as well as numerous articles about workforce diversity. She is the author of several equity training manuals for private and public corporations.

Diversity Training Certificates

Diversity Trainer – Educator

  • 2019  The Women Empowerment Panel, Hudson Valley Community College
  • 2019 – Professor Chambers on Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • 2015 –  Created Equal PBS – Slavery By Another Name – Convict Leasing and the Industrial Prison Complex Hudson Valley Community College
  • 2015 – 2006 – State of New York – Empire State College Center for Distance Learning – Lecturer and co-curriculum designer
  • 2015 – A World of Difference Institute (Anti-Defamation League) STOP (Students Together Opposing Prejudice) CONFERENCE – Siena CollegeA blue banner with yellow letters on it.
  • 2014 – Siena College – Symposium Visual Culture and Visual Representations of Race and Racism
  • 2013 – 21st Century Teaching & Technological Concerns and Challenges at Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie New York
  • 2013 – 21st Century Teaching & Technological Concerns and Challenges NAETEC – Hudson Valley Community College
  • 2013 – Understanding Diversity: Managing Diversity in the Classroom SUNY System – Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • 2013-2008, December – “A Celebration of Kwanzaa†, Producer and Director, the event was supported by the President’s Office, Cultural Affairs Office, Student Senate and the Faculty Association –
  • 2011 – Diversity and Educational Equity – State of New York Stem Conference Diversity Training Seminar: 21st Century Building bridges to Success in STEM and Social Sciences
  • 2011 – Health Services Employment Engagement Hudson Valley Community College - designed training materials for the college’s healthcare professionals.
  • 2010 – Hudson Valley Community College – President’s Diversity Task Force Committee co-chair of academic committee and contributor to manual
  • 2010 – 21st Century Teaching & Technological Concerns and Challenges at Dutchess Community College Successful Teaching Conference for Faculty by Faculty
  • 2010 – Greystone Programs,  Poughkeepsie New York –  a leader in the field of advocacy and services for families  living with Autism and other developmental disabilities  through improved cooperation and partnership – designed and facilitated diversity training for staff and families  “Understanding Autism: Diversity and Inclusion among Families and Staff”
  • 2009 – “Breaking the Silence of Violence†– Interdepartmental collaborative project: interactive seminar for students to reduce violence through understanding and mediation.
  • 2009 – 21st Century Teaching & Technological Concerns and Challenges at Corning Community College Successful Teaching Conference for Faculty by Faculty
  • 2001 – The Enlarged City School District of Troy – superintendent’s Day Safe Schools against Violence in Education Act SAVE Law – Conducted Elementary Workshops – “Teaching Tolerance”
  • 2003 – New York State – Department of Social Services – “Gendering and Communication Workshop
  • Public Employee Relations Association (PERMA) Valuing Diversity in the Workshop
  • 2000 Whitney Young Health Care Center “Valuing Diversity in Health Care Services”  Designed workshops for entire staff
  • 1996 – Society for Public Administration – Valuing Multiculturalism in Public Administration – Seminar
  • A blue banner with yellow letters on it.1995 -  State of New York (SUNY)  Live Interactive Video Conference “Valuing Our Campus Community: Creating an Environment of Multicultural Synergy” SUNYSAT on KU-Band Satellite
  • 1995 – Different, Diverse, Dynamic: Understanding Classroom Diversity Seminar  Hudson Valley Community College
  • 1993 State University at Albany (SUNY) Graduate School of Public Affairs – Student Association Spring 1993 Policy Retreat Weekend – Workshop – Valuing Multiculturalism and Diversity in Public Policy Programs
  • Diversity Enrichment Institute – Pamphlet

Professor Chambers continues to teach Diversity in the Workplace for Empire State College, Center for Distance Learning. The capstone project consists of conducting diversity audits for various public and private sector employees. For over a decade, she has evaluated diversity audits for more than 200 organizations.   Professor Chambers was selected by the President of Hudson Valley Community College to serve as the college’s chair of the academic component of the Diversity Audit Task Force.

Professor Chambers has assisted in producing various television shows, radio programs, commercials, and webcast productions. She is the author of numerous articles and training manuals about workforce diversity and a contributor to the International Encyclopedia and other journals in higher education.

  • 2011 –  Public Broadcasting – Diversity in the Workplace
  • 2010 – 2009: Television Commercial Hudson Valley Community College
  • 2008 – 2007: Channel 9 – Career Moves
  • 2014  – 1991  Spokesperson for various non-profit organization -  (ABC CBC NBC)
  • 2002 – WAMC – Radio Evolution of Kwanzaa Celebration
  • 2000 – WEEB – (Boston) – Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity Training Achievements:

  • Consultant of  Diversity  for public and private sectors -  Human Resource Management – Marketing
  • Grant writer  -  Recipient of  President’s Innovation Grant “Managing Equity and Excellence” – Hudson Valley Community College 2006
  • Grant writer  -  Recipient of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) award –” Images of African American Women in Print and Literature”  2003
  • Grant writer – Recipient of several grants for Kwanza productions at Hudson Valley Community College
  • Master Diversity Trainer/Facilitator – Curriculum Designer

Dr. Carlos Medina – Guest Speaker SUNY Administration – Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Spring 2019 (pictures below)


Tamu Chambers Diversity Class 12-7-94: https://youtu.be/HbqGpvPHdJ0

Valuing our Campus Community: https://youtu.be/yma-Ky_dmgA

Excerpts from Teleconference “Creating an Environment of Multicultural Synergy” 4/27/95 – Intro and Vignette: https://youtu.be/TSXznLh9osI

Excerpts from Teleconference “Creating an Environment of Multicultural Synergy” 4/27/95 – Discussion and credits: https://youtu.be/xQ3s66q8ttc

Teaching and Training Modalities:

  • Classroom
  • Lecture
  • Online learning
  • Interactive Television

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